Our business intelligence platform offers powerful indicators about your business, with which you can effectively discover and analyse countless information, such as; how many people enter your business, age and gender of your clients, recurring visits from the same user, how many wait in line to pay at the cashier, what is the average time at the point of sale and much more. If there is data to collect, Kron Analytics is the solution. 

Flexible management of
indicators and resources

Manage and organise your resources effectively, camaras, points of sale, users, reports, dashboards. Ultimately all of the data that you insert in our business intelligence platform you will be able to manage and carry out reports when necessary. Comfortable, fast and efficient. Contact us for more information.

Drag & Drop
Dashboard management

Design and create your dashboards easily and quickly, organise which data you want to see and how to present them. Generate valuable reports for your business in two clicks.  All of the business intelligence information about your business organised and available Online, in just one place.

Kron Analytics is born from a business need to integrate different types of video surveillance algorithms for marketing, security and processes.

What differentiates us?


The integration of data is carried our quickly, in real time you can visualise the data about your points of sale, passers-by vs visits, age and gender, recurring visits, total capacity and much more.


Our team of Online technicians alongside the artificial intelligence of our technology, will help you in any moment to respond to any doubts about the application.


With the data obtained you can visualise and  generate analytical reports according to your needs using our platform. We will show you your data in an easy way so that you can maximise business oportunities.


The human team at Kron Analytics has a long history in the  video surveillance, artificial intelligence and smart video analytics sector. Having developed projects in sectors such as industrial, commercial and governmental. We are available for any type of client across every continent.

Kron Analytics is already involved with the best brands in video surveillance and security, marketing and processes algorithms. 

One of our objectives is to continue to get involved with new companies every day with the objective of being the most versatile data integration platform that exists.

This way when a client needs our solution, they will only have to activate the platform, train themselves and it will work. Quick and easy.

Our objective